Only the Best White Dog Names

Choosing white dog names can be seriously difficult. I mean, how do you choose? How you know when you’ve found the most awesome name for your ball of white? They are all amazing!

White dogs are seriously cute, you just have to stop and admire a white dog, they are just stunning, and definitely require a name that reflects their gorgeous coats.

If you’re struggling to find a name for your gorgeous girl or cool boy then luckily for you, we may be able to help you!

Ok, so the plan is this, first of all we’ll have a list of gorgeous names for a white girl puppy, obviously ladies first, and then we’ll move onto the boys list of names for your white ball of cool!

white dog names

Girl white dog names


This is a stunning name and in Latin means “pure” and “white” an absolutely perfect name for your little one who is absolutely adorable. This just had to make the list of white dog names .


Is your little girl a small white thing? This name is perfect for the gorgeous girl that melts your heart. The meaning of Albion is “White Rock” is your little girl your rock? I bet she absolutely is!


Is your little angel like a crystal? This is such a stunning name for your best friend. Crystal means “Ice” and of course this name is from the quartz gemstone, which when cut, produces an absolutely stunning light. Is your sweet thing the light of your life? You bet she is!


Bianca is a special name for the girl in your life and means “white” in Spanish. This is such a pretty name and is always a popular choice for cute white dogs.


This name isn’t heard of often but the meaning is just amazing, it means “silver pearl” is your girl a little beauty? If she is, surely this is the one. This just had to make the list of names for white dogs.


What a gorgeous name for your little friend, the meaning is “full of mist” and is absolutely perfect if your little one loves walking in the early mornings when the morning mist is out.


Is your gorgeous girl like an opal, a precious gem? If she was born in October then this is an awesome name for her!


Is your gorgeous best friend elegant? If she is, what a great name, especially if she came into your life as the snow was falling, so very special!


Is your little one your precious pearl? This is an absolutely stunning name for the girl that is full of mystery and wonder.


I absolutely love this name, it’s a beauty, perfect for your gorgeous girl and if she loves walking in the snow, surely this has to be a winner! This just had to be on the list of names for white puppies.


Is your sweet girl just like a coconut, tropical, cool and refreshing? If she is, this has to be well worth considering.


I know, I know, but come on, Fluffy is just totally right for the white furry friend in your life, so sweet and gorgeous. It just must be Fluffy!


Is your girl as cool as Ice? Yes she is, and I bet she knows it too, I bet she’s the coolest dog in the neighbourhood! So why not call her Ice?

Right then, that’s the girls done, now let’s move onto the boys!

Boy white dog names


Perfect for your boy dog and the name is Spanish for “White” making it absolutely spot on.


Is your little man as fluffy as a cloud? If so this name is just awesome for your little guy.


Does your best friend love walking in the frost? If he does he’s going to love this name, just great for your little pal.


Napoleon means “sons of mist”, and makes a great name for a ruler, is your dog your ruler? If so surely Napoleon has to be the one.


Did you know Gavin means White Falcon? Well yes it does and this name is ideal for your best friend!


Well this just had to make the list of white dog names didn’t it? This name has always been a favourite and is perfect if your little man loves walking in the snow.


Do you remember Casper the friendly Ghost? Yes of course you do and what a special name this would be for your friendly little guy! This was a must for our white dog names list.


Is your little man the brightest star in your sky? Absolutely he is and you love it! This is such a special name for the dog who loves his nightime walks, watching the stars.


Did your little boy blow into your life like a snow blizzard? What an adorable name for a boy dog and one we had to put on our white dog names list.


Of course this name had to make our list, always so popular with white dogs, such a special name. Perfect if your boy came into your life at Christmas.

That’s it for now! We really hope you’ve gained inspiration and maybe even chosen a name for your special white friend.

White dogs are just stunning and their name should be equally amazing, hopefully you’ve chosen one from our white dog names list, they are all awesome!

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