Unique Puppy Names: Seven Things that You Should Consider

So you have just got a gorgeous new pooch, and you are looking for unique puppy names. We know that happiness is having a unique name. Everybody has the right to feel special, and that cute little ball of fur you got is no exception. Give her a unique name, and she will love you for it.

But you should consider a few things before naming your dog. After all, everyone is different. Here are seven things that you should consider when you’re diving into the search for a unique puppy name for your cute pup.

unique puppy names


The idea of naming your dog Cheyenne or Eloise can be very, very appealing. But before you give your dog a bizarre name like that, stop and think; will everybody find it just as easy as you do? There can be people with speech disorders. There can be toothless old people who find it difficult to pronounce gorilla. Will it be easy for them?

If you believe the answer to be no, then don’t give your pup a name like that. Stick to easier names like Sierra or Odessa.


Don’t give your dog a name that takes a minute to pronounce. Follow Eminem’s example. He ditched that stupid 3-mile-long name of his (Which, by the way, was Marshall Bruce Mathers III) and took up a simple stage name. So don’t call your dog Anna Karenina Mikhailovna. Call her Anna.

 How others will perceive your dog’s name

Do not get carried away while naming your dog. You might think that calling your dog Pope Francis or Fatima would be very unique and convey that you don’t really care what other people think. However, that might not be a very good idea. In fact, it will be an awful idea. There are people out there who will feel threatened and hurt by these kinds of actions. While you may not care about religion, some people do. So think twice before giving your dog a unique puppy name.

 Your dog’s character and unique puppy names

Every dog has its unique characteristics. If you have a dog that is very responsible, mature and oldish, calling him Skittles will be insulting to him. Of course he won’t mind, and he won’t complain, but how will you look at yourself after calling him with that cheesy name?

Again, if you have a cute little furball who loves to run around your home and destroy your belongings, calling him by an old, mature name like Jonathon will be an utter disgrace to his pure, joyful nature. Better call him something cutesy like Flurry or Babykins.

 Make sure not to insult anybody

Everybody hates their bosses. Doesn’t mean they should start naming their dogs after them. Respect people even when you don’t respect them. Don’t name your dog after your boss. Of course it will be very unique, because no one else will dare to do the same thing as you did, but in the end it might just cost you your job. And be realistic here, you won’t be able to feed your beloved dog when you can’t even feed yourself.

 Be creative

When it comes to giving your baby a cute and unique puppy name, you must be creative. Create your own name. If the first word that comes to your mind is buttercup or honeysuckle when you lay your eyes on that dog for the first time, then call her that. No one is going to sue you if you name your pet something that cannot be found on the internet. It is your pet. You have the right to call her anything and everything as long as it is not hurting anybody.

 So now that you know what you should consider before you give your dog a unique puppy name. Now go pick a name for your pet. Don’t forget our A_Z List of All Dog Names!

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