Unique Girl Dog Names For Your Female Puppy

Fact of the matter is, there are so many unique girl dog names to pick from, that you might be overwhelmed by all the choices available for your little lady. And when you’re finally certain that you’ve selected the perfect one … sure enough a better one comes along! The process really can drive you crazy if you let it. At some point you just have to say, “Enough!” and use the list that you have with no further additions.

unique girl dog names

If you have a pup that’s destined to remain small, even tiny, you can opt for a name that matches her size, like Peanut or Minute, granted not the most unique puppy names for girls, but great names nevertheless. If you prefer you can select a name that matches her color, like Coco for a brown or light brown puppy, or Snowball or Blizzard for a pure white pup. You can also opt to give your gal a name that reflects her unique personality, like Peppy for a pup that’s full of energy, or Pokey for one whose a little slow.

Never mind which angle you choose to name your new friend from, you’ll still need some unique girl dog names to start off with.

Unique girl dog name suggestions you might like:


Amore: The French word for love, this female dog name is great for a dog who is a real, true blue sweet heart. This little lady will be generous with her kisses and affection.


Angel: This is a wonderful selection for a lovely female with grace and a big heart. Since angels are considered to be heavenly beings who perform miracles, you gal will prove to be a miracle in your life. This name is usually chosen for small dogs, but this special choice will fit any breed.


Bianca: Ideal for a female with an attractive white color, or a pup with a unique white spot somewhere like her ears, paws, or tummy.


Cinnamon: A good choice for a dog with a sweet personality with just a bit of spice to it, and for any dog with a brown color.


Fancy: Sums up a pup who has a distinctly feminine side to her personality. One whose a bit feisty, but enjoys wearing things like pink collars and hair bows, maybe even a little toenail polish?


Flora: The name of the flower goddess, if you have a little goddess of your own this name is fitting, especially if she enjoys digging in the garden.


Gina: Does your new pup have spunk with a small dose of attitude mixed in? Well then you’ve found the perfect name for her.


Indigo: Now this is one of those names that shouldn’t be given to just any dog. The dog that suits this name should be beautiful, but also one of a kind, unique and interesting with perhaps a touch of mystery thrown in.


Jade: This name translates to “precious stone” and is a fitting choice for a pet that you think is worth it’s weight in gold. It even carries with it a slight mystical orientation, so your girl will be considered magical. Great unique puppy name for girls.


Kahlua: Like this drink? Well then maybe you should try out this unique girl dog name on your dog. This dark brown Hawaiian liqueur would suit a dark brown pup perfectly, and it would certainly be unique.


Mirabelle: Translates as “wonderful” in Latin. This pup is a terrific little being. She is always in a sunny mood.


Scarlet: This translates as red in French and is ideal if your little girl has a reddish coat. She should have an air of wisdom about her and know how to please her owner. In case you are one of the three or four people out there who doesn’t know, this is also the name of the main female character in Gone With the Wind. Scarlet O’Hara.


Zora: This word means “an aurora,” or “dawn,” and is absolutely perfect for a pup that seems wise beyond her years, with a certain presence that all dogs admire. If your dog is uniquely beautiful, with that certain something about her, then this might be just the unique girl dog name for her.

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