Unique Dog Names

Unique Female Dog Names For That Amazing Pup In Your Life

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As every dog lover knows your pup is extraordinary, just out of this world when it comes to intelligence and personality, so nothing less than a unique female dog name for your new pet is needed. You simply won’t settle for anything plain and ordinary, and why should you? If you think that your canine best friend is one of a kind, then they deserve a name that will make them stand out from the rest of the dogs out there. No sir, your pet isn’t going to be another face in the crowd! Not with charisma like that. Here to help you choose the perfect name is a list of unique female dog names:

Unique Female Dog Names

Unique Dog Names For Your New Friend

Alli — With a name that translates as “noble and bright” this dog should be exceptionally alert and aware of all that’s going on around her. If you give this name to a dog that’s half asleep most of the time, then you are wasting this great name on an animal that probably should have been called Dozer.

Aloha — This cordial greeting from Hawaii is an excellent choice for a happy-go-lucky pup who loves people, has a splash of color in their personality, and whose owner considers Hawaii one of their favorite places to vacation.

Amore — Italian and translates as “Love.” Need we say more?

Bliss — Nice name for a pup that’s always happy and full of joy.

Cheyenne — Think you have a poised pooch? Well then this is the ideal unique female dog name for your perfect pup. Cheyenne stirs up images of a dog that is lithe and calmly confident, while at the same time determinedly loyal. This name suits the type of dog that will surround you and your family with love and protection, and never lose her dignity.

Dharma — This name translates into the cosmic order or cosmic law, and is a unique dog name for that pup who excels at making her preferences known, but never loses her cool. She’ll get her way, never doubt, but because of her behavior, not in spite of it.

Eloise — Have a brilliant pup on your hands? Then the name Eloise sums up their personality in one word “intelligent.” It also conjures up mental pictures of a female puppy that seems a bit older than her actual age; the type with a silent sagacity about her that lends her an almost other worldly air. Kind of makes you wonder if she doesn’t have a few things to teach you, instead of the other way around.

Gina — If you have a dog that’s brimming over with attitude and sizzles with feisty charm then you have found just the right name for her. Enjoy the sparkle and fire like a fine jewel.

Hope — A bit of an odd choice for a unique female dog name you say? Not so fast. What this particular name conveys is the steadfast hope that your new puppy will have a long, happy life and fill yours and that of your family with tons of laughter and companionship.

Indigo — Now here’s a name with an air of mystery about it. Representing a deep, dark and intriguing color, it’s ideal for a unique female dog name. This is true, especially if your dog has that old soul mystical aura about her.

Lark — Translating into “playing vigorously” this unique dog name is ideal for a pup that exudes energy and enthusiasm for life. In other words, the happy live wire that can always make you smile at her antics. Your entire family can’t help but love this dog.

Sasha — For the dog that’s cool with just a touch of sex appeal and she knows it! Better keep an eye on this one or she’ll be parading down Fifth Avenue before you can say, “Hot dog!”

Zsa Zsa — Got a Hungarian pooch with a love of the limelight? Why not name her after Zsa Zsa Gabor?

So there you have it. Some unusual suggestions for naming that special female pup you’ve just brought into your life and adore already. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find that perfect unique female dog name that sums up the personality of your one of a kind girl.

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