Suggestions for Coming Up With the Best Female Dog Names

You’ve been at it for a week and still can’t come up with the right female dog name for that little bundle of furry joy you brought home from the pet store. Even with the whole family helping out! Pet owners anywhere will tell you that although selecting a girl dog name can be a lot of fun, it can throw you for one heck of a loop too. You don’t want to take all the fun out of the process and turn it into a chore, yet you also don’t want to make a mistake when choosing your pups name. After all, she’s going to be hearing this name and be known by it for many years to come and you want her to be happy with it, plus you want it to be suitable, not just something silly or worse yet bland.

What should you do? With all of the hundreds upon hundreds of dog names female out there it’s not all that difficult to become submerged beneath the crush. So here are some ideas you might want to try to help you find the perfect name for your perfect pooch:

Try involving the whole family by Voting

Yes you can turn choosing your new pup’s name into an exercise in democracy. A chance for your entire family to see democracy at work. Now doesn’t that sound dramatic?

dog names female

Here’s what you do. Simply make a list of your top 10 or so favorite names. Then gather the whole family together in one room and give everyone a copy of your list. After that read each name out loud and see which one gets the most votes.

In the case of a tie vote, you can put both names down on a piece of paper and in a glass bowl, mix them up, have someone pick and whichever name comes out will be your pets new moniker. Or, if you really want to involve your pet you can read each name to her and see which one she seems to prefer.

So here we go with a list of female dog namesĀ  to help you decide:

Chianti — Just in case you aren’t sure what this word means, it refers to a fine red wine which hails from the Tuscany area. Use this name on your pup to show that just like that famous red wine, she too will only improve with age.

Cinnamon — A cute girl dog name for that little dog with an intense fire burning inside of her. This dog is naturally energetic and gutsy.

Empress — This name speaks for itself, as you wouldn’t give it to a timid and shy pup now would you? No, this name is perfect for a dog who already knows she’s superior to everyone else and expects to be treated like it.

Fiona — This name translates as “fair, white, and beautiful.” A fantastic option for a white dog that has an air of dignity and class about her, yet exhibits a softer side that loves to cuddle and wants to be with the family all the time.

Jade — Does your pup have a Far East heritage, such as a Pekinese or some other type of pup like that? Well, this semi-precious stone has links to the Orient as well, making it the ideal name for your pup with an exotic heritage.

Yang — This is the Chinese word which means “sunshine,” so if your little angel is just like a ray of sunshine, able to light up a room with her presence alone, and she has that special charm about her that enables her to get away with just about anything, this is the name for her.

Zora — This is a special name which should be reserved only for a special dog. It translates into “an aurora,” or “dawn,” so the dog who receives this name should have a mystical air about her that makes her appear to hold a secret wisdom deep inside. She should also be gentle and loving, with a strong sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Because we love our pets so much it’s not always easy to come up with just the right name for them, no matter how hard we try. But that doesn’t mean that you have to become frustrated or upset. Give it time. It’s okay to wait a few days or a week, even two before naming your little girl. During that time pay close attention to your pup and keep running names by her. She may just find that perfect female dog nameĀ  all by herself.

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