Selecting a Cute Dog Name That’s As Cute As Your Dog

Well, the new pup is finally here and she’s everything you hoped for; intelligent, affectionate, and cute as can be, so lots of cute dog names immediately rush to mind. But wait! You don’t want to give your pup an ordinary name. Here’s where some suggestions on how to give your new pal a cute dog name, come in handy:


  1. Baby Name Book — A baby name book is filled to bursting with thousands and thousands of names, and usually even a description of what the name means. Take a little time and come up with some adjectives that accurately describe your dog, the see if you can find a name which fits one or more of them.

Cute dog names

  1. Dictionary — Go through a dictionary and point randomly at a page. You never know, sometimes this can be a great way to find a cute dog name for your pup. Naturally, you will find many names that just will not work, but keep trying. This could turn out to be a great way to find an amusing and personal name for your dog.


  1. Size — Consider the size the dog will be when she is full grown. Pookie might sound cute for a ten week old pup, but if you have a Golden Retriever, trust me, it won’t sound so good once your pet is all grown up.


  1. Hard Consonant — Opt for a name that starts with a hard consonant such as “t, k, or p”.


  1. Meanings People Give To a Name — What’s really in a puppy’s name? It’s just a name after all, right? Wellllll….it might in reality contain more than you think, because the name you select for your new pup can speak volumes about you, as well as how exactly you view your dog.


  1. Making People Fearful — If you own a pup who’s just a big old softie who couldn’t harm anybody, it might seem funny to you if you call her ‘Killer’ or ‘Hannibal’. But strangers who aren’t in on the joke might not be amused when they first meet her, particularly if she barks or growls at them. This can prove especially true if you happen to own a breed that tends to be feared due to ignorance on the part of the media and public (such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers).


  1. Dignity Always — If you name your Great Dane ‘Tiny’ because it’s good for a laugh or your little Tea Cup Poodle ‘Rocket’, it will get you the temporary response you want, but in the long run it can be a bit detrimental to your pup. A dog will always know when you are having a laugh at their expense, and believe it or not it can undermine their dignity. So go easy on your pup.


  1. Keep It Simple — Yes, even when choosing a cute dog name. First of all, dogs just plain out respond better to short commodes and can easily get confused by long, strange-sounding words. Let the name you select be short and simple, one or two syllables at most.


Also, if your puppy happens to be a pure bred you can give free reign to your desire for an exotic name when you choose her registered name. Keep in mind that you are going to be using your pup’s name many, many times a day. It’ll be easier on you too if it’s short and simple.

 You Aren’t Just Naming a Puppy with that cute dog name —

  1. Of course your pup is adorable and small. They all start out that way. But it’s to your advantage to remember that your new friend won’t always stay this small. You’re ultimately choosing a dog name. A full grown dog name.


10.Let Your Puppy Help — Am I suggesting that your little furry friend is capable of choosing his own name? Yes. If he barks happily and responds immediately when called by a certain name, then that’s your indication that he likes it. If he yawns or looks bored, better look for another cute dog name.


11.Heritage — If you own a puppy that is a purebred you most likely know what country his breed originated in. If you have a Rottweiler or German Shorthaired Pointer then a German dog name would be a great choice. The same can be said for your French Bulldog, Italian Mastiff, etc.


12.Theme — A fantastic way to find puppy names that are above average is to think of a theme….this will also give you an advantage later on if you opt to add another pup to your home. You can actually select two names that work well together ad sound like cute dog names.

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