Puppy Names by Breed

Choosing puppy names by breed can be very difficult, there are just so many to choose from and they are all amazing. Different dog breeds have different personalities and characteristics, which is why it’s so important to find a name that suits.

Here we have searched and found some of the best names out there for certain breeds, which will, hopefully, make choosing your best friends name a little easier. Well, that’s the plan anyway! So, here they are! Let’s take a look.

puppy name by breed

Puppy names by breed: BOXERS


Lacey is such a feminine name and is just perfect for your little boxer, surely one to consider?


Lizzie is just such a gorgeous name and you can also call her Liz too. Lizzie just had to be on our list, it’s just so special.


This one’s for all those little boxers out there who think they’re just like Rocky. What guy wouldn’t love the name Rocky? It’s just amazing.


Did your girl or boy enter into your life like a thunderstorm? If so what name would be more perfect?


This is another one for all the boxers out there, what would be more suitable than Ali after Muhammad Ali? Your boy will love this name.


Oh yes, now what guy wouldn’t want to be known as Duke which means “leader” if you boy’s your leader, what name could be better? Duke absolutely had to make our list of puppy names by breed.


A great name here for all the boy boxers out there and what a name it is. Imagine being in the park and shouting for “lightening” such an awesome name for the boy in your life.

Puppy names by breed: Beagles


Buddy means “friend” and what could be a better name for your best friend? Everyone love a good Buddy, so why not call yours Buddy?


Hope is just the most special name for the girl you love, and is just perfect for a female beagle.


Amanda has always been such a gorgeous name and the name itself means “fit to be loved” which says it all really. Just a truly special name and just had to make the list of puppy names by breed.


Now then, surely everyone loves Lady and the Tramp? I really cannot think of a more gorgeous name for your little girl, Lady is just so stunning and is just so feminine.


If your little girl or boy follows you everywhere what could be better than Shadow? If you’ve got a little follower at home this name is a must.


When you think of Beagles you think of Snoopy and of course Charlie Brown. This name is just awesome and for all Snoopy fans out there (yes I’m one of them) this name is just spot on!


Is your girl or boy full of beans with more energy than they know what to do with? If so surely beans is definitely the one? Perfect for the beagle that’s full of life and is constantly on the go.


Now then, what little guy wouldn’t want to be named after the King? Elvis is such a great name for a beagle and just had to make the list of puppy names by breed.

Puppy names by breed: Golden Retrievers


Did your boy or girl blaze into your life? This is just such a great name for a Golden Retriever, and is perfect for the dog who loves blazing around.


Sadie means “princess” and what could be a nicer name? Just so gorgeous for the little Golden Retriever you love.


Does your best friend chew up your clothes, leaving them looking like rags? If so surely rags is the name for you?


Does your little girl or boy love going on journeys? Safari means “journey” and it’s just a totally awesome name for the special friend in your life. If you love going on journeys together, this name is perfect.


Well of course Goldie had to make the list of puppy names by breed. Goldie is just the most amazing name for a Golden Retriever, as their coats look as though they have been kissed by the sun.


This name is so gorgeous and is suitable for both males and females, if your best friend brings sunshine into your life then surely Sunny is a winner?


Does your gorgeous girl melt your heart like caramel? I adore this name and it really is spot on for a Golden Retriever, so very special.


Oh yes, who can remember the cartoon with Taz? I loved that cartoon and Taz is just the most awesome name for your own little devil at home.

Puppy names by breed: Chihuahua


Is your little Chihuahua fiery like a chilli, if you’ve got a best friend at home with bags of personality, then surely Chilli’s in with a chance?


This is such a cool name for a boy Chihuahua and Rio means “river” what little guy wouldn’t want to be known as Rio?


Well of course Angel had to make our list. Angel is so very special and will make a great name for your special one.


Chihuahua’s are such sweet, lovable little dogs and what name would suit your little guy better than Romeo?


Well obviously Tiny had to make the list, and is such a sweet name for the sweet little friend in your life.


Is your little one as small as an atom? Well maybe not, but Atom is just the cutest name for a small dog, surely Atom has to be in with a chance?


Button has to be one of the very best names for a Chihuahua, it is just so, so cute and is perfect for both males and females. Buttons absolutely had to make the list, it was never in doubt.

Well then, we’ve come to the end of our list, fingers crossed we have helped you find some inspiration on names for your best friend. All of the names listed are just totally amazing and would each make perfect names for your special one.

We really do hope our lists of puppy names by breed has helped you, and that your best friend is closer to getting a name soon, the hardest part is choosing, but that’s down to you, good luck!

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