Most Trendy and Best Dog Names

While the list of best dog names barely changes from one year to the next, the trendiest names for dogs seem to change from month to month, not just yearly. For example, when observing the results for 2011-2015, only one time did a name hold the top spot for more than one year, and that was Luna.

A database of almost a million puppy names was used to find out which names are the trendiest dog names, and it was clear that while some names almost didn’t make the list at all, some of them will probably increase in popularity in the next several years.

best dog names

Here’s a list of the top 10 Female Puppy Names for 2015:

The top three names — Bella, Daisy and Lucy — all held onto their positions of last year. Take Bella in particular, which has held the top spot since 2006, with the obvious explanation being that the first book of the Twilight series, which features a main character named Bella, debuted in 2005.

Daisy and Lucy have held their positions since 2011.

4. Sadie


  1. Molly


  1. Lola


  1. Sophie


  1. Zoey


  1. Luna


          10. Chloe


What’s In a Name?

One thing you should keep in mind is that the name you choose for the female puppy is the key to communicating with her. So the name should be one that can get a quick response from the pup. If it matches too closely with another member of the household, with a word that is often used, or with a command, the dog could become confused and simply not respond at all.

Dogs do not understand a name the way we understand it. The reason for this is because a dog thinks of everything we say to it as a sound. They take the sound as a command, and respond to that. No matter how bright she may seem, your puppy does not understand the meaning behind its name. With repetition it has learned to respond in a certain way to a certain sound.

This in no way is to say that dogs are not very intelligent animals — of course they are. But you need to realize that they do have their limitations. Which is why, before choosing the best dog name for your new girl puppy, you should give careful consideration to the importance of a name.

Now don’t be disappointed and think that if this is true then what does it really matter the kind of name you give your dog? The name you choose and the rhythm connected to it have to be able to show the affinity we have developed towards the puppy. It’s not hard to figure out that dogs respond most quickly to those who have a genuine affinity for them. So a puppy’s name can influence how the puppy responds to the call of its master. Don’t doubt for one single moment that your new pup will recognize if you are making fun of him. You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you, so give your dog the best dog name you can think of.


Choosing the Best Dog Names

For all the fuss and feathers about selecting just the right name for your dog, the real fact of the matter is that just about any name will do. You should have enough respect for your dog not to name it something stupid, obscene or give it a name it’s made plain that it doesn’t like. But that’s all. Your new puppy wants one thing from you and one thing only. Love. If you return your dog’s affection wholeheartedly, they will sense this immediately and be willing to do almost anything for you. Almost anything. Do not ask them to sacrifice dinner or the last meatball from the spaghetti pot. But they will enrich your life immeasurably.


Name Teaching Trick

Call your puppy by her name and reward her when she answers to it. Small treats are ideal for this tactic. They know that when they respond to that word they receive a treat. Also, be sure to always use your dog’s name in a positive way. This is crucial. A happy tone from you to your dog makes a big difference on how she responds to you and her name. She’ll let you know if you’ve picked one of the best dog names.

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