How to Choose a Funny Dog Name

Is your new puppy a nut case worthy of a thousand funny dog names? A laugh a minute comedian who loves to have fun and whose performance button is forever lit up green? Well, there are lots of dogs out there who like to get people to laugh at them by tickling their funny bone. Each of these dogs, however, is unique and deserves a name that represents them accurately.

It doesn’t matter that your dog won’t be able to fully appreciate the mirth intended in his name to the degree that the people who will come to be familiar with your dog will, this is still a golden opportunity to display your cleverness and humor in coming up with a funny dog name for your new pet. Here are some of the basic comedic types of dog:

Canine Clown

Funny Dog Names

Traits: Loves people, social and confident

Fun style: Your dog was born to be on TV. A real Lucille Ball type. A natural show-off and funny bone tickler. The type of dog who will come bursting into the living room with your underwear in its mouth while you are entertaining mixed company, then proceed to race from guest to guest to make sure everyone gets a good look at your new pink bra, or God forbid! that red thong or mankini you bought on a whim.   If this is the case with your pup then she deserves a funny girl dog name.

What people especially love about this type of dog is that they are a never-ending source of amusement. With this dog you won’t need any other form of entertainment, because you will never be bored trying to keep up. Another plus is that this fun-loving clown will bring joy and laughs into your life even when you are feeling down. She will make it her mission to get you to smile in spite of yourself.

The only really bad thing which can be said about a pup like this is that household items may be confiscated to be used during a later laugh mission. This means that they could get damaged or broken, or misplaced, so be prepared for that inevitability.

 Funny Face, Funny Dog Name

Traits: One of a kind appearance, free-spirited, absolutely lovable.

Fun style: There’s no being kind and denying it, your pup is funny-looking! So what? If your dog is silly-looking just play along with the joke and come up with a hysterically funny dog name for him! These types of names can give people a good chuckle and everybody loves them.

A dog like this will always be the center of attention. Plus if you enjoy meeting new people, a pup like this will be a great way to pique people’s curiosity, and when they hear his name, it’s a good way to start a conversation.

The only drawback to owning a great dog like this is that if you prefer to keep to yourself or stay in the background, it’s impossible. With this dog around you’ll constantly be attracting comments.

 Good Time Charlie

Traits: Lively and full of fun this type of dog turns the world into its personal stage. Forever wearing a grin, this dog is just full of energy and high spirits.

Fun style: A dog like this is always performing. They love to make people laugh and delight in astonishing with their latest trick.

This dog is loyal, loving and bursting with joy. They’ll be your best friend for life, and with the amount of attention they attract you’ll never have to worry about being lonely.

There is only one main problem with this dog, and that is the fact that most dogs of this nature have a deep-seated dislike, even fear of being left alone, even for short periods of time. They’ll insist on sleeping in the bed with you at night not on the carpet, follow you from room to room, and exhibit real distress when left alone.

 Clever Comedian

Traits: Intelligent, attention-loving and independent, this type of dog is generally a bit sly and can take you by surprise time and again.

Fun style: This dog really does seem to have a mind of its own and a high level of intelligence. They can come up with some pretty amazing tricks and will keep you laughing, so pick a great funny girl dog name for your little darling.

This dog is a whiz when it comes to adaptability. Change doesn’t thwart or scare him, so there’ll be no problem with their adjusting to your lifestyle. Basically there is only one big negative factor about a dog like this and that is that they are bright enough to quickly learn what kind of bad behavior you will and won’t let slip by you.

So that about sums it up when it comes to the types of doggy comedians. Remember, be kind. Don’t saddle your dog with a name that is ridiculous, but do incorporate his personality and some creativity into the naming process and you’ll come up with the perfect funny dog name to suit the entertainer in your furry friend.

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