Girl Puppy Names For Your New Pup

There’s nothing more elating or fun than bringing home a new girl puppy, but a close second is coming up with girl puppy names to choose from. In a way it can be like naming a new baby, only without the inevitable stress and anxiety that goes along with that undertaking. You don’t have to be concerned about whether the name you choose will match well with the child’s middle and last names, or if they’ll be teased about it by the other kids. With a dog you can take a looser approach and step out of the box a little without worrying that if you give it the wrong girl puppy name you’ll be scarring the little critter for life.

However, because you love your dog you want to do a good job naming it without choosing a cute girl puppy name that will be demeaning, too silly, or embarrass you both in public. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of three pointers to consider when naming your new best friend:

girl puppy names

Suggestions For Girl Puppy Names

  1. Shorter names — Yes, that means Fredericka is out. So is Anastasia, Serendipity, etc., you get the idea. Instead keep your ears pricked up for the shorter names you hear other people call their pets, and when looking for a cute girl puppy name online seek out the shorter ones there as well. This is the best approach to take if you want your dog to become accustomed to its name in as brief a time as possible. It’s usually easier for dogs to understand and remember short, names that do not sound like other words they know.
  2. Check with your dog — Choose a few names that you favor. Then, speaking slowly and clearly call your dog. Give it some time. Coax her a little, don’t just give up after one or two tries. But if she hasn’t responded after several attempts, then you can assume that your name is being ignored. Don’t forget to give your pup a treat when they do answer to the new name to create positive reinforcement.

If a name particularly strikes your dog’s fancy, she will perk up her ears, instantly at attention. Or cock her head to one side, as if to say, “I like that name!”

  1. Teach your dog to respond at once to its new name — This can be accomplished by using the name at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when the two of you play together. These are all things which a dog enjoys, eating and playing, so you can rest assured that your new puppy will learn her brand new girl puppy name right away.

Naming your new puppy can be a whole heap of fun. Fluffy is a cute girl puppy name if your dog has thick, unruly fur. Also, if you have one of those puppies with a perpetual smile on its face, full of boisterous high spirits, then call her Happy and the name will fit her like a glove.

Girl puppy names can be chosen because of the color of their coat or to point out a certain personality trait. Spunky, Petal and Peppermint are all cute names for a small dog or one with lots of energy. Eclipse or Twilight are good names with a dramatic edge to them for a black girl puppy. While Cream puff, Cloud and Buttermilk make good choices for a female puppy that sports a white coat. Some creative names for girl puppies with brown coats are: Fondue, Pudding or Twix. If you have a black and white puppy you might try Almond Joy. How’s that for cuteness?

If you’d like to give your puppy a cute puppy name focused on her size or breed, then Tiny, Roxy, Bonbon, Ladybug, are ideal for a female Chihuahua. While Lily and Garnet are excellent names for a female Alsatian or Labrador Retriever puppy. You can also try names like Sassy and Flora for your list of girl puppy names if your dog has an attitude or is just plain cute.

If your looking for a name to suit your Golden Retriever, look no further than here.

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