Dog Names Do’s and Don’ts

There’s a common concept that runs among dog enthusiasts that owners select their dog names by picking any random name they see fit. On the contrary, selecting dog names should be taken more seriously and therefore, requires some thinking. Remember, the name that you think is cool right now may not go with your dog’s nature – therefore it is very likely that you will eventually feel pretty stupid for picking that name in the first place. So, before you pick a name, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you could follow.

Let’s start with the Do’s.

The first tip, when it comes to naming your dog, try to choose a name that is easy to say and is not too long. Long and hard to pronounce names are irritating, not just to you, to everyone. To avoid it you can stick to conventional names like Bella, Izzie, Lucy and so on. They may be common, but they are perfect female dog names. Try to avoid names like Yocult or Cheyenne. These names can be very unique, but they are difficult to pronounce and what happens when you need to yell the name at a misbehaving pet who is walking away?

Dog Names

Stick to your dog’s gender. Epicene names are attractive and one of a kind, but they are also confusing. You should try to avoid the confusion and stick to female dog names if you own a lady. In case of a male dog, stick to good male names be it old fashioned like Jack or Max.

It’s very important that you consider your dog’s character while naming her. Her name should be a clear reflection of her nature. Give her a cute name like Skittles or Fluffy if she is very cute and cuddly. Go for a more mature name like Alex if she is the mature type. Bottom line, your dog’s name should fit the character of your dog.

Now, let’s proceed with the Don’ts of Dog Names.

First, don’t insult people by naming your dog after them. Suppose you just absolutely hate your boss, and you may even have a voodoo doll that looks like him, but don’t go naming your dog after him. The same principle applies for your really annoying relatives and friends. You can loath them all you want, but whatever you do, don’t name your dog after them. If you do, you’ll not only insult them, but you will insult your resident pet as well.

Don’t try to be super unique by insulting a religion. People tend to be really sensitive towards their faith, and it is not a good idea to upset others as you yourself would not like to be upset.

Don’t make the mistake of giving your cute puppy your grandma’s name, something some people do these days. You may feel that you are doing this to show respect to her memory, but to be honest you are only doing the exact opposite. Plus, such a name should not be given to a puppy like that. It undermines her uniqueness. No matter how much you love both your grandma and your pup, mingling them is not a good idea.

Do not copy others if you want your dog to be exceptional. Don’t copy from others, and don’t rely on the internet too much. We have a habit of digitalizing everything and make the internet our only source of information; but that doesn’t always help when it comes to naming your dog exclusively. Be creative and be original.

But at the end of the day, you can call your dog whatever you want. Treat her like a child, and come up with your own, sweet nicknames. She will feel appreciated and adored and return the favor a hundred times in her own way. Remember, no matter how important you deem dog names are, in reality it is just a name and your attitude towards the pet is much more important. Your dogs won’t understand if the name is cool or stupid, they will understand how much you love and care by the tone of your voice…

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