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Cute Female Dog Names For Your New Best Friend

You you made all arrangements and now your new little princess is home at last and she’s so adorable you can hardly stand it, and it’s time to choose a cute female dog name for her. The only problem is nothing you or your family can come up with seems quite right for this special girl. Sure she has an amazing personality and her pedigree is right up there with the finest, not to mention her superior intelligence …. well you get the idea. But you really want to give her a name that reflects her cuteness measure which is way off the radar, it’s just so hard to come up with exactly the right name for her. Well, here is a list of cute female dog names that might help:

Cute Female Dog Names

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AdeenIs your petite pup secretly harboring an inner feistiness? Then this just might be the name for her. Adeen is an Irish word which translates to “little fire,” which accurately portrays the inner personality of quite a few small female dogs. They may be little, but they have huge hearts and they have a fiery side to them which makes them never give up or back down. Whether it’s a good fight with the neighbor’s German Shepherd or learning a new trick, this little lady will exhibit her high spirits and determination, especially when it comes to loving her new family.

Angel — She may act like a little devil sometimes, but you know that deep down inside her heart your little girl is really an angel concealing her wings so that she can surprise you one day.

Chica — This name is Spanish for “little girl,” and that’s just what this dignified lady is to you and always will be, right? Even when she reaches adulthood your puppy will not cease to be your little girl, so why not name her that way?

Coco — This is a great name for a brown colored dog, plus it’s cute enough for any small, perky pup.

Demi — This is a French word which translates to “small”. If you have an exceptionally small female pup, one of the toy breeds perhaps or even a perky pomeranian.

Frisky — One of the old traditional standbys, Frisky is a great name for a lively little puppy who never seems to tire out. If you have a play all day kind of pup, then going with this name is a fine idea for a cute female dog name.

Gisselle — Have a little girl that’s so dainty she doesn’t walk around the room but dances? Well, here’s the perfect name for your future ballet dancer.

Honey — Is your little girl as sweet as honey? Then go ahead and name her accordingly. It has a nice sweet association and also sounds just right for a small dog.

Karina — This is a Scandinavian word which translates into “dear little one,” a description of your new female pup which couldn’t be more accurate. It’s a given that you’re going to love her dearly no matter what happens.

Lady — Another old standby, but one that carries with it a decidedly dignified charm and grace. If you have a prima donna on your hands she’ll love this name.

Latte — Does your pup have a coffee colored complexion? Do they enjoy a sip of the stuff every now and then? Well then go ahead and name them after that coffee concoction you get at Starbucks for twice what it should cost. After all, your little girl is worth twice what you paid for her, isn’t she?

Lunetta — This word means “small moon”, and comes from the Italian language. Opt for this name if you have a white toy breed or if your girl puppy just tends to have a light colored coat, this name will suit her perfectly.

Nadia — How about a name with a little mystique attached to it? Sounds a bit like a movie star, doesn’t it? If you have a pup who enjoys wearing dark glasses and fur scarves, even in the summer time, then this is a cute female dog name she’ll love.

Peanut — This describes a very little dog to perfection. Will she be able to fit into a peanut shell?

Rascal — Have a little girl who enjoys getting into mischief, but would never intentionally upset anyone? Just name her this and no one will have any doubt as to her true personality.

One thing which we all must remember is that whether it’s a young pup you’re naming for the first and hopefully only time, or an older dog you are renaming, there is nothing wrong with cute female dog names, just be careful that you use a name which will add to your pup’s appeal, not make them just seem silly or stupid. And have Fun!

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