Cool Names For Dogs, Anything goes?

Couldn’t resist the cuteness factor and now you’re the proud owner of an adorable little female puppy? Who of course needs a great name to go with all that lovableness, so now you’re pondering cool names for dogs. It’s a tough call to make because you want to choose a name that sums up her wonderful personality and individual character. Furthermore, you’ll also want that name to be one that both you and your new gal pal can be proud of.

While some people just slap a name on their dog because it sounds funny or cute, naming your female dog is a big responsibility, especially since it’s such a long lasting decision. Below are some suggestions that will assist you in your search for that perfect cool dog name.

Cool names for Dogs

  1. Keep your puppy with you — Before you start tossing names about go and get your puppy and place her beside you. That way when you come up with a name you like you can take a look at her and see if it matches her looks, personality, or temperament.


  1.  Famous names — Frequently both male and female puppies are given the name of a famous movie star, sports legend, or media personality seen as a cool name for dogs. Some people even like to name their dogs after cartoon characters. You’re pup certainly won’t be alone because there are lots of Katies, Sophias, Katerinas, and even Angelinas roaming about. There are also a few Snow Whites and Alices too.


  1.  Breeds — An excellent place to ferret out a really cool dog name is the country of your new pet’s heritage. Do a little research on the history and origin of your pet and you might get all caught up in reading about it. This type of material can prove to be very interesting.


  1. Family tree — Another fun way to find cool names for dogs is to search your pup’s family tree. If your little gal is a purebred, then she should have come with papers that you can now look through. This could be a big help in coming up with a great name and you’ll have the added pleasure of knowing that you’re carrying on the family tradition.


  1. First sight — It’s a strange thing, but sometimes when you get your first glimpse of your new puppy frolicking with the other dogs, a name will just pop into your mind, and it’ll be perfect. You’ll just know that it sums up everything about your new pet.


  1. Include your family — Large or small, you should be sure to have your family involved in the naming of this newest member to the clan. Just have everyone sit down and start tossing names around. Don’t be afraid to be creative, even to the point of being unusual. As the process continues, you’ll find that you end up with a list of some really amazing names.


  1. Be sure the name will last — Be certain that the cool dog name you opt for which might sound ideal now, will continue to be a good for your little girl as she grows up to be come an adult dog. You don’t want to saddle your dog with a cute puppy name that makes her look foolish when she gets older.


  1. Google search — Now once you have chosen a name you like and which your pup seems to like too, or have a list of several names you’re interested in, then do a Google search and find out the meaning of each name. This could make all the difference in whether or not you select that name you’ve favored all along or go for something else.


  1. No obscenities or curses — Yes, it might seem hysterically funny to name your pup the little so and so, but you will be using this name in public, and once your pup gets used to it, you’ll have a devil of a time changing. So no foulmouth names please.


  1. Short names are better — You’ll find that naming your puppy something that’s one or two syllables long is usually the wise thing to do. For one thing, it’s easier for your dog to understand, and in case of emergency it’s faster for you to call out as well.


  1. Stick with the name — After you’ve selected the ideal name for your new friend, it is essential that you stick with it. Don’t confuse things by changing your pup’s name to something else once they’ve learned the original name. Also, don’t use various nicknames or allow family members to either. Later, after your pup has fully accepted the name a nickname or two will be appropriate. Right now all you’ll accomplish is to confuse the dog.

When it comes to naming your female dog always remember that no matter what you call her, if you love her as much as she loves you, and provide her with the safety and security that all dogs deserve, it doesn’t really matter all that much about whether or not you’ve chose the perfect name. Cool names for dogs are great, but love and kindness always come first in your dog’s heart.

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