Puppy Names by Breed

puppy name by breed

Choosing puppy names by breed can be very difficult, there are just so many to choose from and they are all amazing. Different dog breeds have different personalities and characteristics, which is why it’s so important to find a name that suits. Here we have searched and found some of the best names out there for certain breeds, which will, hopefully, make choosing your best friends name a little easier. Well, that’s the plan anyway! So, here they are! Let’s take a look. Puppy names by breed: BOXERS Lacey Lacey is such a feminine name and is just perfect for… Continue reading

One Syllable Puppy names for your Pooch

one syllable dog names

When it comes to choosing a great name for your best friend one syllable puppy names can be the best option. These names will be short and simple making it easier for your dog to learn his/her name. Thankfully there are many awesome one syllable puppy names available and they each make excellent choices. Let’s dip in and take a closer look at these amazing names and fingers crossed you’ll discover your best friend’s new name as you scroll through our list. One syllable puppy names These names are adorable and we’re positive that the right name will catch your… Continue reading

Small Dog Names

small dog names

Small dog names are all seriously cute, how on earth can you choose one? Well, hopefully that’s where we come in. We have hunted down some of the very best names for small dogs, and, fingers crossed, there will be one amongst the list that will delight you and your small best friend. So let’s take a look at some of these cute names! Small dog names Alfie Alfie is just such a seriously cute name and means “rose bush” this is just an awesome name for the small guy in your life, and just had to be at the… Continue reading

Most Trendy and Best Dog Names

While the list of best dog names barely changes from one year to the next, the trendiest names for dogs seem to change from month to month, not just yearly. For example, when observing the results for 2011-2015, only one time did a name hold the top spot for more than one year, and that was Luna. A database of almost a million puppy names was used to find out which names are the trendiest dog names, and it was clear that while some names almost didn’t make the list at all, some of them will probably increase in popularity… Continue reading

Dog Names Do’s and Don’ts

There’s a common concept that runs among dog enthusiasts that owners select their dog names by picking any random name they see fit. On the contrary, selecting dog names should be taken more seriously and therefore, requires some thinking. Remember, the name that you think is cool right now may not go with your dog’s nature – therefore it is very likely that you will eventually feel pretty stupid for picking that name in the first place. So, before you pick a name, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you could follow. Let’s start with the Do’s. The first… Continue reading