7 Top Dog Blogs to Read

Being a pet owner means a lot of things. It means joy and fun, it means petting or playing with your little furry (or feathered, or finned, or scaled…) friend, and it means having a constant companion whom you know you can trust with your every secret.

But being a pet owner — especially a dog owner — also means responsibility. You have a life depending on you, a life that needs your attention, your love, and your understanding in order to survive. But dogs can be difficult to understand — we can’t speak to them to ask their thoughts. They don’t share our same human instincts, like babies do. In order to ensure comprehension, you need to make a special effort to understand your dog.

 best dog websites

Fortunately, this is the age of the internet, and there are a lot of great online resources for learning how to understand your dog, how to better care for and treat it, or even just to share its joy. This knowledge is invaluable for any dog owner.

So, to provide a service to the dog community at large, here are seven of the best dog blogs on the internet.

PetEducation.com, by Doctors Foster and Smith
This top website has a wealth of resources for the pet owner — whether they are curious, concerned, or dealing with an emergency. In case of such an event, the website lists emergency hotlines you can call to learn what to do to rescue your pet and return them to a healthy state. They also include a list of poisons and toxins so you can avoid this happening in the first place.

More happily, the website has articles on a variety of animals. Fish and ferrets, dogs and cats, birds and reptiles, and more: no animal is left out. These articles provide important information on the behavior and health of your pets so that they can live a long and happy life.

Overall, this is a website that takes your pet and its health seriously, and does so in an enjoyable manner.

VetStreet.com has a variety of information on pets, including up-to-date news (as of this writing, they are publicizing the search for the Boston Police Department’s calico cat mascot). They also provide health information, and have a blog post up that talks about dangerous common holiday foods, and which you need to keep your pets away from.

Additionally, they have a section where you can ask questions of a vet, Andy Roark. This lets you get information custom-tailored to your specific situation. An extremely useful service, and provided only on this site.

This website is dedicated to informing owners about their dogs, breed by breed. Citing the fact that euthanasia is the leading cause of death for dogs in this country, the website believes that there are no bad dogs — just uneducated owners. By educating these owners, they can enable them to provide what their dog needs to be good and well-behaved.

This site has information on a vast variety of dogs, and on how to understand them, raise them, and train them. And, of course, how to love them properly so that the bond between a dog and its human can grow ever stronger.

Both authored and approved by professional vets, this site is an authoritative source on all manner of animal matters. One of their main features — the Daily Vet — is a blog (again, written by vets) that takes on different topics for the purposes of entertaining and informing.

One of their most interesting features, though, is the “Symptoms Checker,” which allows you to perform a bit of amateur diagnostic work on a pet that has a health problem, when you’re not yet sure if you need to go in and see the vet.

This site provides access to what is perhaps one of the most valuable resources a dog owner can have: dog-sitting. Dogs are wonderful creatures. However, they are not self-sufficient. Unlike cats, who will be fine for a weekend if you simply leave them with some food and water, dogs need someone to meet their needs on a daily basis.

rover.com offers an array of services, from dog boarding to house sitting. It allows you to read the profiles of sitters in your area, and talk to them, so that you know you are leaving your dog with someone you can trust, and then pay directly through the website. Overall, Rover is a very impressive use of today’s high-tech tools to solve an age-old problem.

Just as with humans, there are some dogs who have lost the ability to see — or who were never born with it in the first place. It can be difficult to find resources as to how to handle cases such as these, and this is where this website comes in.

This site offers information on numerous relevant topics. Not just coping strategies and things to do, but also information on diseases that can lead to blindness. This is a truly powerful resource for what is truly an important topic.

If you’d like some dog-related laughs and smiles in your life, this website is the place to go. It contains reader-submitted photos of many very happy-looking canines, all of whom are, unsurprisingly, lying on their backs.

This site showcases these cute dogs and allows you to view them by breed or by reader favorites. While there are other dog photos on the internet, this is the only one that specializes in the upside-down variety.

You may have just gotten your first dog, and be having trouble with even the most basic of communications, or you may be a veteran dog whisperer, informed by many years of experience. Regardless of your age and status, it’s never a bad idea to learn or love more. Dogs are the animal species closest to us, and if we make an effort, we can share our lives with them fully.

These blogs provide the keys to doing this. Go forth, read, and enjoy along with your canine companion.

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